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Definitions that need words[edit]

  • Situation where the subject of discussion turns into a discussion of a word and one of the talkers is forced to ‘defend’ his definition(s) of the word(s).
    • Something to do with semantics
  • Situation where there is some form of judgement to be made, where it is possible to say ‘they are that way but think they are not, I know I am not and am not’.
    • 'Undetermined ability to determine'
  • The way someone is too ‘shy’ to say his opinion directly and resorts to jokes, exaggeration, etc. Jumps into a joke or retort the moment subject is mentioned.
    • Combined with another definition this could be a 'contra-reaction'
  • Abstraction error; an abstraction of a concept mismatches and is incorrectly linked, causing errors of thought.
    • 'Abstraction Wound'
  • The understanding of the rules being confused with the ability to play; either in-game or in-life
  • The way opinions change when meeting different people.
    • 'Opinion Rift'
  • Making a decision for change and presuming that suffices to change things.
  • Making a decision for change and forgetting the change the moment impulses are found.
  • Disliking everything something stands for but needing it nevertheless.
  • Free from governing morals but bound by personal beliefs.
    • Bit like a bad form of nihilism
  • Rather being decisionless than wrong and thus missing out.
  • Situation that is right in it's own mindscape, but seems wrong becaut it is viewn through another.
  • The experience of something as 'reality', 'of importance'. For many, the difference between watching ants and watching humans.
    • Something to do with 'reality'


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