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Crystalion is the internet pen name I choose in January 1997 when I started playing Diablo (computer game) and I have continued to use it since in MMORPG or other online gaming contexts. While it has never been difficult to trace my True Names from Crystalion I'll nonetheless use it here for a modicum of simulated privacy.

I worked at Electronic Arts during what that article characterizes as the "early era" and was a Technical Director when I left. Aside from my by now obvious interest in Computer and video games I am also interested in various board and card games, Game theory, subparts of economics, philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Jiddu Krishnamurti, General Semantics, Tragerwork, SF&F, raising children, Intentional Community, and social and technical aspects of computer mediated community, such as the Wikipedia itself, but more often biased toward play (ala Homo Ludens, eh?).