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WikiReader Cryptography × 73[edit]

We need review of around 70-odd articles (this box cycles through one a day). The WikiReader is aimed at a layperson, so review by non-experts is very valuable. It would be nice to increase the number of Featured Articles in the set (I think there's only 4 at present) — any good candidates? — Matt Crypto 21:25, 13 Feb 2005 (UTC)
WikiReader Cryptography — article of the day edit
Sunday, 24 July Playfair cipher (Talk) (History)
Monday, 25 July Message authentication code (Talk) (History)
Tuesday, 26 July Digital signature (Talk) (History)
Wednesday, 27 July Block cipher modes of operation (Talk) (History)
Thursday, 28 July Export of cryptography (Talk) (History)
Notes: If you find problems that you can't fix (or it's too much effort), it would be very helpful if you could place a note on the Talk: page. Articles need to be checked for 1) Accuracy (Factchecking: Are there any mistakes? Is the writing precise? Are sources cited?), 2) Completeness (Any obvious omissions? Does it need illustration?) 3) Quality of writing (Copyedits: Grammar and spelling, phrasing, structure) 4) Neutrality (Is it written from the NPOV? Do we document all relevant points of view?) — Thanks!
Clipboard.svgTo-do list for Digital signature edit
  • Describe cryptanalysis of digital signatures -- what are the various notions
(See all to-do lists for this WikiReader)