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The rear entrance of Hausmaniania

Hausmaniania is a self-governed cultural house in Oslo, Norway. It is run by a group of underground artists based on collectivist ideology. It is located in Hausmannsgate 34 in Oslo and is a fertile ground for avant-garde art. Also, next door it contains the experimental music venue Kafe Hærverk.


A group of artists began to use the centre in winter 2000 and it was rented from the state property owner Statsbygg in 2003. After some problems with the municipality in 2004, the centre became established as a cultural centre and made plans alongside the Vestbredden squat (Hausmannsgate 40) to be a “pilot project in inner city ecology, local governance, housing and culture”. [1] Around 30 people live at the project.[2]


The 5000 m2 centre provides space for artists' ateliers, practice rooms, exhibitions and other events. There are three galleries, a cinema, a skate hall and an internet café.[2]

There is a non-commercial vegan café called Blackeyedbean which serves mainly organic and fair trade products.[3]

The Grusomhetens Teater (Theatre of Cruelty) managed by Lars Øyno is located within its perimeters.[2]

Outside, there is a legal graffiti wall.[4][2]

In 2017, Kafé Hærverk opened as a venue for experimental and independent music. It won the Oslo Prize that year.[5]


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