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Do we usually use titles like "Her Royal Highness" in the body of articles? Tokerboy

And shouldn't it be at Josphine-Charlotte of Belgium too? Tokerboy
One might argue for Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium.... <G> -- Someone else 01:07 Jan 14, 2003 (UTC)
I thought it was those crazy "more-than-one-"e"-in-first-name-hating" Belgians being silly. Tokerboy 01:12 Jan 14, 2003 (UTC) (gonna remove the HRHs to, according to what appears to be consensus)
I think actually it was a problem with an accented 'e'.... diacritical marks in titles are asking for trouble. I sympathize with the HRH, Princess etc removal, but I've given up suggesting to that they conform to Wikipedia convention... 64etc seems uninterested and insists on using them, even in article titles/links. They're all over the Belgian stuff. Blessings upon your quest, Tokerboy<G> -- Someone else 01:21 Jan 14, 2003 (UTC)