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subduerpath in water color
The Carpenter, Architect and the Artist are all closely linked. These two images illustrate this idea. First the the Architect has a concept of a structure and then builds a model and next the Carpenter assembles the concept, so to speak. The concept, model and finished product are all pieces of art. They are not necessarily displayed in a museum or art gallery but are all valid expressions of art. It is my intent to demystify and simplify some basic carpentry and make it available to anyone who is willing to try it.
structures truss model

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One interesting aspect of Carpentry is that it can field verify the Pythagoreum theorem. First the length of the rafter is calculated using the theorem, then the rafter is marked with the angles, next it is cut and the rafter is fit into the ridge and bottom plate. During this process there is a transition point where the theorem evolves from an abstract idea to concrete reality. Many of the articles and drawings that have been contributed represent a history of trials, tribulations, explorations and discovery that I have endured and enjoyed. They are a reflection of real hands on field experience. I hope that other people can benefit and use this information.

Articles created[edit]

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