Freedom City

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Freedom City
MnM Cover FC.jpg
2nd edition cover
Designer(s)Stephen Kenson
Publisher(s)Green Ronin Publishing
Publication date2005
Genre(s)Superhero fiction
System(s)d20 System

Freedom City is a fictional, city-based campaign setting for the roleplaying game Mutants & Masterminds. It was designed by Steve Kenson.

Publication history[edit]

While working on Silver Age Sentinels, Steve Kenson pitched Freedom City as a setting for the game, but the game's publishers, Guardians of Order, turned it down.[1]:337 Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing asked Kenson to design a new d20-based superhero RPG. Kenson developed Mutants & Masterminds in 2002. In 2003, his Freedom City setting was published.[1]:371–372 Green Ronin published a trio of books – Golden Age (2006), Iron Age (2007) and Silver Age (2010) – which developed Freedom City by examining it through three different comic book eras.[1]:375 In 2008, a new series of Freedom City Atlases expanded the original Freedom City setting.[1]:375 A new third edition of Mutants & Masterminds Hero's Handbook (2011) brought a new setting to the game universe, Emerald City, which first appeared in a series of PDF Threat Reports (2011), with a complete setting book planned for GenCon 44. Lastly, a third edition Freedom City book was published in October 2017 which advances the timeline and introduces new characters while retiring others.


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