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The list below shows articles which contain badly formed ISBN references. It was generated on 9th June 2005 from the 15th May 2005 database dump.

It was completed on June 28 2005.


ISBN references uniquely identify published books. Well-formed references can be used by the MediaWiki software to form special links to places the book can be found.

Regenerating this report[edit]

This report is generated from a Link Analysis Database using the SQL:

SELECT concat( '*[[', art_title, ']]' )
FROM art
WHERE art_text REGEXP '[[:<:]]ISBN:'
ORDER BY art_title ASC;

Suggested improvements[edit]

  • Search for any non-alpha character following the ISBN, to catch ISBN7838288228 type entries and other random characters. Josh Parris 00:38, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)
  • The regexp format for ISBN references in wikipedia is "[[:<:]]ISBN [0-9-]{10,13}[[:>:]]". All articles matching "[[:<:]]ISBN" but not this probably belong on this list. - TB 07:10, 2005 Jun 24 (UTC)
Actually, no. That would catch the article on ISBNs and anywhere ISBNs were written about. But I think that would be a low false positive rate. If the few articles that wrote about ISBNs were excluded, that'd work fine. I'd suggest using that search technique initially, but add in a whitelist for subsequent runs. Josh Parris 07:57, 2 August 2005 (UTC)


Note: all of these have been completed.