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Coordinates: 25°16′44″S 57°38′08″W / 25.27889°S 57.63556°W / -25.27889; -57.63556

Congress of the Republic of Paraguay

Congreso de la República de Paraguay
Coat of arms of Paraguay.svg
HousesChamber of Deputies
Speaker of Congress
Diego Giménez Velázquez
Speaker of Senate
Enrique Sánchez Ramírez
Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies
Ángel Miguel Cardona Ortiz
Seats125 members
80 deputies
45 senators
Meeting place
The legislative building in Asunción

Paraguay's bicameral Congress (Congreso) consists of a 45-member Senate and an 80-member Chamber of Deputies. It serves as the legislative branch of the Paraguayan state.

Both chambers of Congress are elected concurrently with the president by means of a proportional representation system. Deputies are elected by department and Senators on a nationwide basis.

Latest election[edit]


Colorado Party766,84132.5217–2
Authentic Radical Liberal Party570,20524.18130
Guasú Front279,00811.836+1
Beloved Fatherland Party159,6256.773+3
Hagamos Party105,3754.472New
Progressive Democratic Party86,2163.662–1
National Crusade Movement58,4092.481New
National Union of Ethical Citizens49,8892.121–1
Green Party37,8121.6000
We are Paraguay34,6231.470New
National Encounter Party30,3651.290–1
Plurinational Indigenous Political Movement25,7851.090New
Christian Democratic Party16,6190.700New
Secure Paraguay15,0050.640New
Party of the Movement for Socialism14,7730.630New
Patriotic Reserve Movement14,3970.610New
Revolutionary Febrerista Party14,3320.6100
Kuña Pyrenda Movement9,7950.4200
Civic Compromise9,5420.400New
Concertación Nacional Avancemos País9,4780.400New
Party of the A8,9340.380New
All for Paraguay United Movement7,2690.310New
National Artists' Movement6,7750.290New
Heirs Democratic Socialist Party5,2750.220New
National Political Sovereignty Movement5,0650.210New
Movimiento Civico Nacional Unamonos5,0400.210New
Broad Front Party3,4030.140New
Union and Equality Political Movement2,5000.110New
Valid votes2,358,30391.11
Invalid/blank votes229,9938.89
Total votes2,588,296100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,241,50761.02
Source: TSJE

Chamber of Deputies[edit]

Composición de la Cámara de Diputados.svg
Colorado Party927,18339.1042–2
Authentic Radical Liberal Party420,82117.7417
Great Renewed National Alliance286,51312.0813
Beloved Fatherland Party105,7654.463+2
Hagamos Party75,6013.192New
National Encounter Party75,5143.1820
National Union of Ethical Citizens65,5932.770–2
Guasú Front42,8911.810–1
Green Party42,0531.7700
National Crusade Movement33,4171.411New
Progressive Democratic Party27,9321.1800
Christian Democratic Party26,7831.130New
Civic Compromise21,6510.910New
Broad Front Party20,5940.870New
We are Paraguay18,0600.760New
Concertación Nacional Avancemos País16,0700.680New
Revolutionary Febrerista Party15,1690.640New
National Artists' Movement11,7270.490New
Youth Party10,8710.4600
Secure Paraguay9,6510.410New
Patriotic Reserve Movement9,6480.410New
Civic Participation Party9,5670.400New
Party of the A9,0430.380New
Heirs Democratic Socialist Party8,8320.370New
Itapua for All Alliance8,6830.370New
Plurinational Indigenous Political Movement8,0940.340New
Movimiento Civico Nacional Unamonos7,2410.310New
Party of the Movement for Socialism6,2070.260New
All for Paraguay United Movement5,8710.250New
Ganar Alliance5,4760.230
Party of the Patriotic Popular Movement5,1470.220New
National Political Sovereignty Movement4,4570.190New
Let's Continue Building Alliance4,1830.180New
Union and Equality Political Movement3,7750.160New
Itapuense Front Alliance3,0360.130New
Concertación por Vos2,4070.100New
Party of Popular Unity1,3290.060New
Tekojoja People's Movement1,0460.040New
Movimiento Politico Civico Nacional Unamonos9490.040New
All for Ñeembucu7720.030New
Mbarete Independent Political Movement5950.030New
Teete Patriotic Front Party5740.020New
Valid votes2,371,60791.84
Invalid/blank votes210,7538.16
Total votes2,582,360100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,241,50760.88
Source: TSJE

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