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Tres' Information[edit]

Hi, I'm a big Free Software fan and by extension a big fan of what Professor Lawrence Lessig calls The Public Commons. This Wikipedia thing seems to be an awesome way to get information into the public commons so that everyone can benefiet from it. I just started making entries into the database in January of 2003 and am still trying to figure out how it all works and the accepted way of doing things.

Entries That I have Started:[edit]

Enantiomer A mirror image of a stereochemical molecule.
The Golden Hour A term referring to the first hour after a traumatic experience.
Talk:The Golden Hour Discussion.
Emergency room A hospital room that treats emergencies.
Talk:Emergency room Discussion.
ER (television) NBC's TV show: ER.
Myocardial infarction Redirect to Acute myocardial infarction.
MI Redirect to Acute myocardial infarction.
IV A medical treatment.

Entries That I Have Added To:[edit]

Optical isomerism A stereochemical molecule that has special optical properties.
Talk:Optical isomerism Discussion.
ER redirect to emergency room.
Emergency medical technician A first responder to a medical or traumatic emergency.
Acute myocardial infarction A heart attack.

Questions That I Have (and would like answered)[edit]

1. Where do I go to comment and ask questions about Wikipedia in general? I'd like to add a spell checker and an automatic link creator (when someone writes an article it would be nice if a link creator went through and created links to all of the topics that are mentioned in the article).

2. What is the policy of adding other information that is copyright under the same license as Wikipedia's content: The GNU Free Document License? (The entries in Gdict, an online dictionary, come to mind.)

3. Can Wikipedia entries be to Wiktionary entries?

$$ Normally this is used as your personal home page. Comments are found in your personal talk page. User talk:Tres -- clarka

$$ See below for FAQs answering your questions. Be very careful with copyright issues; research FAQs thoroughly and solicit advice from experts (I am not one!) before proceeding. Wikipedia is not a dictionary. Linking across from Wikipedia to Wiktionary makes the two interdependent, which the people who make those decisions is trying to avoid. Discuss it with them. $$

Final Thoughts[edit]

If I make mistakes or you just want to chat about something then please don't hesitate to email me. I would actually appreciate it.

Tres (

Other People's Comments[edit]

You can be the first!  :-)

Normally this is used as your personal home page. Comments are found in your personal talk page. User talk:Tres -- clarka

Hey there! Welcome to Wikipedia! I hope you like this place--I sure do--and want to stay. If you need help on how to title new articles check out Wikipedia:Naming conventions, and for help on formatting the pages visit the manual of style. If you need help look at Wikipedia:Help and The FAQ , plus if you can't find your answer there, check The Village pump or The Reference Desk! Happy wiki-ing!