Choson Sinbo

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Chosun Shinbo
TypeWeekly newspaper
PublisherGeneral Association of Korean Residents
Launched1 June 1957
LanguageKorean and Japanese
CountryJapan Edit this at Wikidata
Choson Sinbo
Japanese name
Korean name

The Choson Sinbo (Chosun Shinbo), also known by the name of its English edition The People's Korea, is a newspaper based in Japan, published in both Korean and Japanese. The name literally means 'Chosun (Korea) Newspaper'. It is published by the General Association of Korean Residents, a pro-North Korea representative body for Zainichi Koreans, who also run The People's Korea (PK), an English language news site.

When reporting from North Korea, Choson Sinbo journalist enjoy more freedoms than other foreign reporters and they have managed to publish exclusive stories on projects in the country and scoops on Japan–North Korea relations.[1]

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